Eagle Railcar Services is one of the nation’s leading independent providers of rail car repair services.  We currently have three full service railcar repair and maintenance facilities, which are located in Cairo, Ohio, Elkhart, Texas and Roscoe, Texas.  In addition, a fourth facility, located in Wichita Falls, Texas, is presently under construction and will be operational in early 2014.  

Our Cairo facility is located on the CSX Railroad, the Elkhart and Roscoe facilities are located on the UP Railroad, and the Wichita Falls facility is located on the BNSF Railroad.  All our facilities are (or will be) AAR Tank Car Certified (M-1002) and Quality Assurance Certified (M-1003); the Cairo shop should receive M-1002 certification the fall of 2013 and the Wichita Falls shop should receive certification in early 2014.  

All of the locations provide comprehensive General Shop Services, Railcar Repair and Maintenance, Cleaning, Painting and Lining, Wreck Damage Repair, HM 216-B (Tank Car Requalification), Transloading/Transfers, Mobile Repair, and Emergency Response to railcar owners and lessees throughout North America.  Our Cairo shop can also handle railroad emergency responses involving hazardous and non-hazardous materials as well as off-site chemical and product compressed transfers and mobile flaring.

Eagle Railcar believes that safety is an essential business practice and places priority on safety and training.

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